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Focusing on your strengths and goals, we will address whatever difficulties you bring to the session. Therapy is a collaboration. Together we will be working towards increasing your coping skills and helping you to become more inter-personally connected to yourself and those around you. 

You do not have to face your struggles alone, let us help you work through:





Life Transitions



Prior to your initial session, we will have a brief phone conversation to see if you are comfortable working with us. It is important that we have a good therapeutic rapport, as it will serve as a foundation toward success. 

Sessions typically last 45 minutes and are offered by appointment only. 

Contact us to inquire about the cost of treatment. 

We provide an invoice for potential out of network insurance reimbursement.

It is your responsibility to become familiar with your specific insurance plan and benefits.


Supervision and Case Consultation

Appointments by request 

Professional Development and Workshops

This a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that promote diversity and inclusion. We offer trainings to both schools and camps to support gender non-conforming youth and their families by educating those who influence them the most.  

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